More Information on Trapo & Steam$$

Below are links to material that discusses Trapo and Steam$$.

How Efficient Is Your Steam Distribution System? — This article discusses the thinking and assumptions behind Steam$$.

Installing Your Downloaded Trapo Program — Instructions on how to install under DOS, Windows 3.x and Windows 95.

The Trapo Manual — This is the complete manual for using Trapo, arranged for easy access in your browser.

Comparison of Three Preventive Maintenance Strategies for Steam Trap Systems (Presented to the International District Energy Association, Portland, Oregon, June 1994, Updated 10/97) — This paper compares Trapo's predictive maintenance to other methods of managing steam traps.

Predictive Maintenance of Steam Traps: Combining Demand Side Management and Performance Contracting (Presented to the International District Energy Association, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 1995, Updated 10/97) — This paper discusses steam trap maintenance from the point of view of a district heating company (DHC). Trapo is shown to provide DHCs with a competitive advantage in maintaining steam traps for its customers. This is compatible with recent DHC efforts to provide more services for their customers.

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