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Information on steam:

District Energy Virtual Library — District heating & cooling and cogeneration and the home of the Holly list, a mailing list on district energy.

SwopNet Engineering Databank — See the Mechanical Engineering section at the bottom of the page. This is the home site of the steam-list, a mailing list for those interested in non-railroad industrial steam applications. This page, and the steam list, are maintained by Miles Abernathy.

Steam trap testing:

For large numbers of traps represented by samples, we prefer steam trap testing methods that detect leaks while they are small (1-5%) and do not require operator input or judgment. Thus far, those that meet these criteria require units permanently installed at the trap. The units we know of are listed in alphabetical order:

SpiratecSpirax Sarco

SteamWatchBiTherm International

TrapAlertArmstrong International


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