Installing Your Downloaded Trapo™ Program

Steam$$ simulates your steam distribution system so you can see the effect of potential changes while calculating the steam distribution system efficiency.

The Trapo Demo shows most of the Trapo screens, including the Help Screens. It uses the same commands as Trapo so that you learn about Trapo by using it.

The Evaluation Version of Trapo has all of the capabilities of Trapo except that it is limited to 20 steam traps.

Downloading a program

Use your browser (by clicking on the program) to download the file. If your browser offers to "open" the program, don't do it! Instead, place the downloaded program where you will be able to find it after the download is finished. (Our instructions assume this is a TEMP directory on drive C, e.g. C:\TEMP.) If you forget where you put the file, you can use a "file finder" program to find it for you (for doing this, the program names are STEAM$$.EXE, TRAPDEMO.EXE, TRAPEVAL.EXE, and MANUAL.EXE).

Installing the downloaded program

Place the file you downloaded in a temporary directory (e.g. folder, we assume for these directions that it is C:\TEMP). Note: If you are using Windows 95, don't drag the file to move it; instead, cut and paste it to another directory.

Unpack the installation files from the downloaded file:

DOS: Run the downloaded file to unpack the installation files.

Windows 3.x and Windows for Workgroups 3.x: Run the file by double-clicking on it.

Windows 95: or by a run command (e.g. C:\TEMP\STEAM$$.EXE).

Run the INSTALL.EXE program. It installs the downloaded program and suggests placing all files in a STEAM$$, TRAPDEMO or TRAPEVAL directory inside a TRAPO directory on the C: drive. However, you can place and name the directory whatever you wish.

DOS: Run INSTALL.EXE to unpack the installation files.

Windows 3.x and Windows for Workgroups 3.x: Run INSTALL.EXE by double-clicking on it.

Windows 95: Use the "Start | Run" command (using the "Start" button) to give a run command (e.g. C:\TEMP\STEAM$$.EXE).

Running the programs:

DOS: The installation program places batch files in the C: directory. Type either of the program names (STEAM$$, TRAPDEMO or TRAPEVAL) at the C:> prompt.

Windows 3.x and Windows for Workgroups 3.x: Open the group where you want to place the program icons (or follow these instructions and select "Program Group" instead of "Program Item" first to make a Trapo program group). You will have to go through the following steps for each program. Choose File, New, select "Program Item", and push [OK]. Enter the program name in the description field (e.g. Steam$$). Enter the location and the ".PIF" file name (e.g. "C:\TRAPO\STEAM$$\STEAM$$.PIF", "C:\TRAPO\TRAPDEMO\TRAPDEMO.PIF" or "C:\TRAPO\TRAPEVAL\TRAPEVAL.PIF").

Push the [Change Icon] button and then the [OK] button when prompted. Enter the ".ICO" file in the "File Name"" field (e.g. "C:\TRAPO\STEAM$$\STEAM$$.ICO", "C:\TRAPO\TRAPDEMO\TRAPDEMO.ICO" or "C:\TRAPO\TRAPEVAL\TRAPEVAL.ICO"). Push the [OK] button in the "Program Item Properties" dialog box and the program item will be set up. You can then start the program by double-clicking on the icon.

Windows 95: Use "My computer" or Explorer to open the programs' folder. Locate the two icons (arrows on each of them), "right click" on them, choose Copy, place mouse on desktop, "right click" and choose Paste Shortcut. You may have to "right click" the icons to change properties to match the folder name if you didn't accept the default directories.

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