Trapo™ — True Predictive Maintenance for Steam Traps

Steam$$™ — Steam Distribution Efficiency

These programs reduce the costs and hassles of maintaining a steam distribution system.

Steam$$ — For more information

Trapo Choose the appropriate Stage for your facility.

Stage I - Trap Data ($95)

Stage II - Basic Trap Testing ($395; requires purchase of Stage I)

Stage III - Optimized Trap Testing ($2,495; requires purchase of Stage II)

Stage IV - Trap Work Orders ($3,495; requires purchase of Stage II)

Stage IVa - Asbestos Work Orders ($995; requires purchase of Stage IV)

Stage V - Predictive Replacement ($2,495; requires purchase of Stages III and IV)

The Contractor Version of Trapo includes all stages and is leased for $1.25/trap/year.

All test-and-replace trap management strategies result in the average trap failing halfway through the test interval. Trapo replaces the trap before it fails — eliminating most steam losses and trap testing.

* Based on analysis of northeastern US facility with 2,500 traps; data supplied with Steam$$ program.

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